Websites 2004-2009

showing CTA Video for Developmentwebsite

CTA Video for Development
In 2004 CTA launched a video programme to facilitate dissemination of agricultural information among rural communities in ACP countries. The web development project included logo design (by Marley Design), and website design with video embedding and paging to enable access to videos produced by the programme.

website for the  Agricultural Research and Technology Indicators (International) project

Agricultural Research and Technology Indicators (2007 2010)
The Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI) initiative compiles, processes, and makes available internationally comparable data on institutional developments and investments in agricultural R&D worldwide. In 2008-9 the ASTI website was redeveloped using the Drupal Content Management System, with design by Marley Design, and a Graphical Data Tool developed by Mapping Worlds.

showing the C0-Fish website

Co-Fish West African Fisheries
The Co-Fish website was created to provide an inter-active knowledge platform to support the fisheries sector in west Africa. The website was designed by Inkwell ( and developed along with Co-Capacity, and Data Tailors ( /

showing the CARIS website

EUFORIC cooperative: blog and wiki customizations
Europe's Forum on International Cooperation (EUFORIC) is a not-for-profit cooperative of development organizaitons. Rua Design worked on customizing the design and layout of Wikis and Blogs for EUFORIC, and EUFORIC members; the Bernard van Leer Foundation, Farming Matters, ICCO.

showing the Priority Infomation Themes website

Priority Information Themes
A set of five training modules comissioned by CTAand developed along with DigitalOrange and R. van Raffe. The Priority Information Themes methodology is presented in a story-type format.

Publications section of the Bernard van Leer Foundation website

Bernard van Leer Foundation
Carried out an in-depth evaluation of the existing website and created a strategy for developing a new website. Reorganised website content –in cooperation with website design firm Alt Control– with particular emphasis on the new on-line publications catalog. The new website was launched in August 2005.

showing the CARIS website

Current Agricultural Research Information System (CARIS)
CARIS is the Current Agricultural Research Information System. CARIS was created by FAO in 1975 to identify and to facilitate the exchange of information about current agricultural research projects being carried out in - or on behalf of - developing countries. The interface to the CARIS website search facility was redesigned.

showing the Spillane Research Group Wiki

Spillane Research Group Wiki

The Spillane Research Group is a life-sciences research lab based in Cork, Ireland. This Wiki system is intended to help the group work together as a research team and allows all research group members to contribute to the development of a dynamic wiki space to facilitate their work.

showing Rural Radio website

CTA Rural Radio
This website provides access to radio program packs whcih can be downloaded, re-packaged and broadcast by local radio stations in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP). The Rural Radio Resource Packs cover a variety of topics related to agriculture and rural development.

showing BioEARN CD-ROM design


A CD-ROM on BIO-EARN's policy research and outreach activities. The CD contains considerable knowledge built up over 7 years on issues relating to Biotechnology, Biosafety and Biotechnology Policy Development in developing countries.

website for the YourTaxReview blog

Your Tax Review
A Wordpress-based multi-blog system providing articles and advice on a range of taxation issues. The work involved customizing Wordpress plugins for multi-blog, author photographs and for a multi-lingual website. Logo and web design was by Marley Design.

website of the Program for Biosafety Systems

Program for Biosafety Systems
New website. Simple design with light use of graphics so that the website can be accessed worldwide. Adheres to organizations own design and coding standards.

showing the CTA Annual Seminar 2009 website

CTA Annual Seminar on the role of Media
The 2009 CTA Annual Seminar is on the Role of Media in the Agricultural and Rural Development of ACP Countries. This website includes a seminar blog, registration, video and is the site is supported by the Joomla Content Management System.

showing the the CTA Climate Change Seminar 2008

CTA Climate Change Seminar
In 2008 CTA is organizing an international seminar on the implications of climate change for sustainable agricultural production systems in ACP countries. This website was developed for the seminar.

showing the Global Horticultural Research website

The Global Horticutlure Initiative
The Global Horticulture Initiative acts as a global facility for coordinated horticultural research to uplift the quality of life of the poorest populations in the world. The website was redesigned along with a team working on content management and advanced website development.

showing the FARA website

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa
The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) is an umbrella organization bringing together and forming coalitions of major stakeholders in agricultural research and development in Africa. The FARA website was designed to highlight the organization's work and campaigns and to foster networking and linkages.

showing Better Energy Option's website

Better Energy Options
The Better Energy Options company was established to provide energy services and products to the domestic and commercial sectors. The website provides a wealth of information on sustainable energy products.

showing Sakiko's website

Sakiko Kanamori
Sakiko was born in Japan, studied in the United States, had an opera career in Germany, and raised a family in the Netherlands. This website traces her remarkable journey and includes sample music.

showing LID Architectures website

LID-Architecture (2005-2009)
LID Architecture is a company based in the north-western part of ireland . This website showcases the company's portfolio of work.

showing ITMs website

Irish Traveller Movement
The Irish Traveller Movement's website was redesigned in order to better organise and present information - publications, issues, press releases and news. The website also contains a directory of ITM member organisations throughout Ireland.

Website of the  National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism

National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism (Ireland)
Website redesign project. Website contains a large body of news, reports, training materials and guidelines.

Digital Orange website

DigitalOrange Consultancy
Website for a smaller organisation focusing in the specialist area of agricultural information.

Pavee Point Travellers center website

Pavee Point Travellers Center
Pavee Point's website was redesigned with particular emphasis on a clear and colourful design. It contains an extensive Information Centre and a publications section created using a database with options to either download or order publications.

Joel Cohen's website

Joel Cohen, Researcher
New website contains information for an agriculture and policy researcher with a wide range of publications and interests collected in a single website

showing Rua Design's Website Content Management Sytem

Rua Design Content Management System

Rua Design's website Content Management System (CMS) targeted towards managing small to medium-sized websites. The CMS is particularly oriented towards 'static' websites... webpages are created and stored in HTML format. In contrast, many CMSs are for managing dynamic websites. Static websites have advantages for user bookmarking, search visibility, and interlopability. The Content Mamagement System was in use between 2003 and 2010, superceded by larger open-source projects such as Wordpress and Joomla.

showing the Print Hint download page on the Mozilla website

Print Hint - Firefox Extension

The Print Hint browser extension helps you to quickly find printer-friendly versions of webpages. The extension was available between 2005 and 2015.

Bibliography system installed at Nederlands Platform Ouderen en Europa

NPOE Bibliographic System

Developed for the organisation Nederlands Platform Ouderen en Europa. This bibliography system is used to collect recent research and statistics related to the field of Ageing in the Netherlands, Europe and the wider world. The system is not publicly accessible.

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